UNIT 19 // The Real Supernatural Hunters

There is no one meaning to our existence – there is simply fluid energy, spirit and our expansion of consciousness. Physical mortality is merely a auxiliary experience longing for definition.

~ J.Ridge / SRG

The SRG (Spectral Research Group) studies paranormal phenomena and all things humans would consider to be supernatural in nature. We than archive every case file. In essence, the unit conducts scientific research and utilizes technical applications to achieve their evidence. They utilize both archaic and modern tools such as dowsing rods to technical application such as ITC (Instrumental-transcommunication) devices along with many other advanced tools. We exist to bring final resolve and truth to the age old question of our mortality “Do we have a internal spirit energy and if so, what happens to it when we pass on from our mortal being”. The truth is we’re all connected by spirit energy both alive and dead. We exist within multiple universal dimensions and our mortal existence on earth is just one among many. Through the applications of technology and science and our own energy of spirit as conductors we are beginning to find the answers we’ve been searching for.

With this being said, there are other concerning factors that motivate Unit 19 – That is to study and hunt real supernatural evil – things that are demonic and malicious entities that intend to pray on human spirit. Our focus in this uncomfortable space is to give spiritual service of light against the dark. The unsettling truth is from a standpoint of science and physics – light and dark energies permeates our universal existence. From a spiritual standpoint it manifests as good and evil as we stereo-typically understand it and there is significant field study evidence in the paranormal investigative realm to conclude that God, Lucifer and all of its angels do exists in a dimension we’ve yet to properly understand. It’s influences can be sensed and experienced through the trials and tribulations of modern man.

Ghosts as we know them are simply just one part of a dimensional landscape of energy and spirit. We often relish in entertaining conversations over paranormal TV shows such as the super-popular fantastical world of Supernatural with heroine characters of Sam and Dean Winchester – the demon hunters – the truth is much of its fictional myths lends credence to real life facts of the spiritual duality here on earth. We are on the edge of a new precipice that has dire consequences towards humanity and it’s time to rise into a new spiritual age to fight the good fight. We welcome you to the SRG – UNIT 19.



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